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Delivery of vital food and supplies

Thanks to your generosity we are delighted to have been able to deliver vital food and supplies to over 80 teachers and their families for the second time since lockdown in Uganda. The schools in Jinja remain closed with no guidance as to when they might be able to open. During this time the teachers have not been paid leaving their families with no means of support.

Using local market suppliers we bought, packed and loaded a month’s supply for each family. Although transport is restricted, we are allowed to hire a truck to deliver food and essentials.

Carefully checked by JET staff and Ugandan board they were discretely delivered to the school. Each headteacher organised distribution to their teachers depending on the size of their family.

This was completed so quickly and efficiently that tonight over 400 people have food on the table and in their larder. Supporting as many local suppliers as possible we are able to help them during this difficult time too.

Uganda is not alone in not knowing when schools will reopen and when life   will start to return to a more normal time.  However, we must prepare for this as once it does the children will be in need of a safe and welcoming environment to return to.  With this in mind we are issuing seeds to grow maize (posho) and beans so they can offer a hot meal for lunchtimes.  Luckily with all the sun and rain things grow fast in Jinja so hopefully we can look forward to a good harvest! We do intend to add to this self-sufficient crop with more fruit and vegetables once the schools are ready.

All schools are now equipped with extra hand washing stations, they have been deep cleaned and inspected by our nurse.  We are as ready as we can be to offer a warm welcome back.
Educationally we are working with our advisers here and in Jinja to prepare for the children, as they will have had no education for many months. We are not sure what the government will advise about back to school, but we are preparing and we will be ready to guide these little ones through the next phase in their education, whenever it comes!

Our work is continuing with other projects and solar power will soon be introduced at Twinkle, a lovely surprise for those teachers and children, especially the boarders, they return. Great Hope have a new kitchen to feed the children, and we are looking into providing IT at both schools.
So we look positively towards to a happier healthier future which you have helped us to provide.

Thank you so much from all of us at JET, and every single teacher and child