Education provides all children the opportunity to thrive and become productive members of their community.


All children deserve a school which is a safe, secure and provides a nurturing environment so they can achieve their full potential.


To maintain our progress, we welcome the ideas and practical support of our sponsors so we can offer real hope for a future where these children can be self-sufficient and independent.

The Future

What children learn today shapes the future and the way they are treated shapes the way they will treat others.

Jinjia Educational TrustJinjia Educational TrustJinjia Educational TrustJinjia Educational Trust

The Jinja Educational Trust aims to improve the education, training and welfare of young people in Uganda so they can go on to acquire the necessary skills for a successful and fulfilling life.

Covid-19 Appeal

Dear all,

I do hope you don't mind us appealing to you but things are getting very worrying in Jinja under lockdown. Firstly, Thank you so much for the support you have already given to JET,  I thought you would appreciate an update of how things are in Jinja at the moment so I attach an up to date report. 

The issues facing us at this time are very challenging and frightening for us all, but this is magnified in a country with no real healthcare or social help at all.  We are doing all we can to support the JET community of schools and orphanages, as they in turn are reaching out to the children and families under their care. 

Normally we only fundraise at our annual dinner once every two years but these are extraordinary times, so I am taking the unusual step of reaching out to you by email to ask if you would be able to help us further at this time.

It will cost us an additional £1 buys a study pack to help a child learn at home. £3 to provide a child with nutritional porridge for a month, £20 for a handwashing station with soap,  £40 offers a month’s supplies to a teacher. £100 a month’s supply to a family.  

I completely understand that you may well have been inundated with requests for help from so many other deserving causes so please don’t feel pressured into giving to us too, we all do what we can.  If case you are able to help at all, or know someone who might,  I include a link to our Just giving page and our bank details.’

Take care and keep safe

With love and very best wishes


JET Barclays.
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A Covid-19 message from Jinja

A special video message recorded by Nelly, Teacher T and Ezra from JET during the Covid-19 Pandemic expressing their gratitude for the ongoing support from donors, volunteers and supporters. They were recently able to deliver food to JET schools for more than 60 teachers and their families stranded by the lockdown.

Thank you from everyone at JET for your continued support and stay safe.


All the latest news from the Jinja Educational Trust and information on the charity’s forthcoming events.


A scrapbook of images to keep you up-to-date with all the projects we are currently engaged with.


Information and practical advice if you are seriously thinking of volunteering your services to JET.

Donations & Fundraising

It is only through the generous donations from our supporters that we can offer continued and sustained help to the children of Jinja. The Trust will always be extremely grateful for all the financial and practical assistance received from individuals, businesses and schools.

You can make quick and simple online donations through our JustGiving webpage.