Education provides everyone with the opportunity to thrive and become productive, influential members of society


All children, regardless of background, have the right to a school which is safe and provides an inspiring, nurturing environment which motivates them to achieve their full potential


Together we are moving towards the common vision of a self-sufficient and independent future for our schools and the children within them; we welcome your ideas and practical support in making this happen

The Future

What and how children learn today shapes the people they will become and the future they aspire to

Jinjia Educational TrustJinjia Educational TrustJinjia Educational TrustJinjia Educational Trust

The Jinja Educational Trust exists to create schools and teacher teams capable of transforming the education and welfare of young people in Uganda so they acquire the necessary skills for a successful and fulfilling future.

10 years of the Jinja Educational Trust

Our trip in April 2024 marks our 10 years of the Jinja Educational Trust so quite a milestone for us and wonderful that so many trustees could be on the same trip. Jon as our Chairman, Sally as our educationalist, Smita on nutrition, welfare and strategy and Sue bringing up the rear!

With the upcoming dinner in mind, we had the film crew with us again, they worked tirelessly traipsing through mud, sunburn and lots of very excited children to bring the best out of all the projects. We had a chance to visit the schools and children's homes and see the various projects and ongoing initiatives.

For 10 years you have been alongside us as we’ve had our ups and downs, thankfully on balance more ups! We are so grateful for all the support; we couldn’t do any of this without you. 

I do hope those of you who haven’t visited us will come one day and those who have visited will come to see us again. We can promise an amazing experience, the best fresh pineapple ( maybe from Jon’s pineapple garden!), avocados, coffee and a very warm welcome. 
Here’s to the next 10 years! 

Thank you so much from Sue and all of us at JET.

Thank you from all of us at JET and every one of our children and teachers.


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Donations & Fundraising

It is only through generous donations from our supporters that we can offer continued and sustainable help to the children of Jinja and beyond. The Trust will always be extremely grateful for all the financial and practical assistance received from individuals, businesses and schools.

You can make quick and simple online donations through our JustGiving webpage.

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