It is only through the generous donations from our supporters that we can offer continued and sustained help to the children of Jinja. The Trust will always be extremely grateful for all the financial and practical assistance received from individuals, businesses and schools.

In the two years since the last JET fundraising dinner in 2017, we have built a remarkable resource centre complete with a well-stocked library and computer room. Several volunteers have also come out to Jinja to see first-hand the work we do and where the money they raise and donate to us goes.

What a donation can buy for the children of Jinja:

  • £10 buys a school uniform
  • £20 buys text books for a class of 50
  • £50 buys footballs and netballs for each school
  • £100 buys chalkboards for 5 classrooms
  • £150 buys a sewing machine to make uniforms
  • £200 buys shoes for an orphanage
  • £300 buys curriculum books for a school
  • £400 buys books for the library
  • £600 supports a nurse for the schools
  • £1000 buys mattresses and blankets x100
  • £1500 buys a water tank for ‘Twinkle’ dormitories
  • £2000 buys a kitchen at ‘Twinkle’
  • £5000 buys a boys or girls dormitory at ‘Twinkle’
  • £6000 buys a classroom at ‘Twinkle’

If you would like to make recurring donations, please print out and complete the Regular Donation Form.

If you’d prefer to send us a one-off donation, please print out and complete this Single Donation Form.

Alternatively, you can make a quick and simple online donation through our JustGiving webpage.

Adding Gift Aid to Donations

Gift Aid is an income tax relief created to support charities such as ours. It adds an extra 25p for every £1 you donate at no extra cost to you. This means a donation of £200 would be worth £250 to us with Gift Aid.

You must be a UK taxpayer in order to add Gift Aid to your donations and the process is extremely simple. All you have to do is tick the box under the Gift Aid declaration on our donation forms, then sign and date it. If you are donating through the JustGiving website, please complete the Gift Aid section when prompted.

Under the current rules for Gift Aid, companies can claim tax relief on a donation when donating directly to the charity.