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A big thank you

After your kind and generous donation, we are delighted to report we have managed to get the first deliveries to all the schools today.

It took all day but all the teachers at 4 schools got food for their families.

They were all so amazed they had been remembered. You have made an incredible difference to the lives of many families. I cannot express how grateful they were so I shall just leave you with the messages we got from The Head of Twinkle Elijah, the Head of St Patrick’s Michael and Yossam and Florence from Gt Hope.

‘On behalf of Twinkle Junior school staff and the entire Academics committee of JET schools Uganda, I wish to express our heartfelt appreciations for such a big food package amidst the strain of this Corona scourge. I have distributed to all the 27 workers of Twinkle. It was lots of joy with surprise on their faces, ‘wow! we never expected such generosity during this challenging period’ they remarked. This has brought more motivation and love for the JET family. May God bless you, widen your sources and keep you safe. We miss you.’

‘We received many things as teachers and we are very very very grateful. May the almighty God reward you and bless all your thoughts, plans. The teachers were all smiles because it caught us by surprise and at the right time when financially we are not doing well. The care 🙏.six staff members present at school received. And these included Headteacher, Paul, Kenneth, Rose, Resty, and Harriet, We are all fine.’

‘On behalf of the entire staff of Great Hope Junior school. I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone at JET for the food items provides to our staff today, to help with our difficulties during the COVID19 pandemic. This has made the staff smile and reduced many to tears to think we have been remembered and you have reduced our stress and anxiety.
We thank you so much for restoring our hope. We pray God for your protection and may he bless you abundantly. We look forward to seeing you in a new safer world. Yossam, Florence and all the staff’

These are the quotes as I received them.

Heartfelt thanks from us all, keep well and safe with very best wishes from us all.