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JET & the Coronavirus Pandemic

At the moment all the children and teachers have been told to stay at home and await the latest news from the Ugandan government.

The orphanages have been given extra supplies and mosquito nets before the lockdown was enforced. The staff equally have good supplies and have been paid early so that they are not worried about getting paid.
It is, of course, a worrying time and we are keeping in touch via social media and email. The country manager has been flown back to the UK and got one of the last flights out before the airports closed!

Our plan is to arrange a thorough cleaning of all the schools before everyone returns. This is a normal procedure but in this instance, we will use extra disinfectants and sanitizers. It is also anticipated that washing hands and some social distancing will need to be enforced. In this quick developing situation, we will need to remain flexible.

We thank our friends, supporters and really everyone who loves the JET project and want everyone to remain safe & healthy. It is a disruptive dangerous deadly threat. Everyone needs to stay at home wherever possible and listen to the government and medical instructions.

We will all see the light at the end of this tunnel of darkness if we show determination and work as a team.

The JET Team