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Twinkle and Great Hope Projects Update

As we have started the new school year and so much has happened over the long winter break it seemed like a good time to send an update on the projects at Twinkle and Great Hope schools. You can view the full update here, but here’s a comprehensive summary…

After the fund-raising dinner in June, our focus was to provide dormitories for Twinkle Primary School, as the conditions these young children were living in was unsafe, unsanitary and crowded. I am delighted to say that the children have now moved into their new rooms. There is enough room for 150 boys and 150 girls, two matrons and four members of staff. It is down to the amazing support we received at the dinner that we could do this, and it has truly transformed the lives of these children.

This really is the highest standard of accommodation in any community school in Jinja. The parents and staff are overwhelmed to have such facilies for their children. In just a few weeks since the start of term, the school has gone from 400 to 580 in number as parents want their children at Twinkle due to its excellent facilities and exam results. This school really is achieving on all levels, we are so proud of them.

At Great Hope Primary School we have started to provide porridge every day – it’s a very nutritious recipe of soya, sugar and moringa. This may sound a small and insignificant thing, but it makes a huge difference to the children. We became aware the children here were going home for lunch but not actually getting any food, so coming back to school in the afternoon still hungry. Fortunately, we have been offered help with this and donations of moringa (a plant grown in Uganda and rich in vitamins and minerals).

The improvements JET has made at both schools mean they have attracted more students which means more fees, which in turn means the teachers are paid well and on time. The schools can afford books, supplies and general maintenance, making them self-sufficient. None of this would be possible without your continued support. Please be assured you are making a very real difference to the lives of these children.

Sue and all of us at JET.