Pauline, a nurse at Whispers Children’s Hospital, joined the JET team in 2019 for the launch of our new Health Programme. Pauline spends at least a day every week visiting our schools and children’s homes to talk with children, teachers, parents and carers about a whole host of health issues and providing guidance on personal hygiene and the importance of a healthy, clean school, work and home environment. In her first two months with us, Pauline carried out 25 visits and training sessions. As we headed into Corona-induced lockdown, Pauline’s handwashing demos could not have been timelier and she later carried out inspections at all JET schools to ensure they were fully prepared for reopening. In addition, we ensured our schools had access to clean drinking water and provided additional handwashing facilities.

Pauline’s goal is to establish a culture among the children that encourages a love for health and hygiene awareness and good habits. “I love young people. The activities I take on are aimed at arming our young ones with the necessary health knowledge and empowering them to adopt a lifestyle that brings about physical and mental wellbeing.” Pauline knows she has her work cut out but that with time she can tackle common misconceptions around health and impart valuable knowledge on a range of sanitation and primary health issues: “I am looking at a healthy JET community today for a healthy Uganda tomorrow.”

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