JET’s innovative Education Programme combines diverse activities with children and teachers which are designed to improve the quality of education from nursery level upwards. Together with a small training and assessment team, our Education Manager, Nelly, ensures the successful planning and implementation of the programme.

JET Club focuses on giving children confidence in reading and writing as well as teaching them critical thinking and how to solve mathematical concepts. We do this in a number of ways, including reading, writing and spelling competitions, problem solving exercises and phonics lessons. Every weekday we run JET Club in one of our schools.

We ensure our teachers receive the educational support they need. We not only provide teachers with much-needed basic materials, such as chalk and a range of teaching and learning aids, we also train them in resource making and how to make the best use possible of all available resources when they are in the classroom. We teach them how to integrate these resources into their lessons to make learning more interactive and fun.

JET teachers benefit from continuous assessment and regular training each week, both in their classrooms and at the Resource Centre. Backed up at least 3 times a year by training from both UK and Ugandan educational experts, teachers are introduced to new ways of bringing learning to life. They have the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the Ugandan curriculum and the latest developments in the field of education.

We give continuous feedback and suggestions to teachers and school management teams on how to improve the teaching in each of our schools to have a positive impact on the performance of the children. As a result, we have seen an upward trend in exam results.

The JET assessment teacher team has been trained to carry out practical, 1-2-1 assessments for all our nursery level children. We assess the children at the start and end of every term so we are able to provide feedback to teachers on individual children and highlight specific areas for improvement. Tracking the results allows us to measure academic performance and progress over time in JET schools.

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